PhotoInstrument 7.0

Simple and intuitive photo editor and retoucher to enhance your best images
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PhotoInstrument is a simple image editor that will help you correct the most common exposure mistakes, retouch your favorite pictures, and add creative filters and effects to them easily. Designed to be used by pro and amateur photographers alike, the program supports all the most popular image file formats (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG), including animated GIF (new to this version).

The program’s interface has been clearly designed to make complex retouching and editing operations simple and intuitive. Traditionally complicated processes, such as object removal or skin cleaning, have been made simple and easy to operate even for those new users with limited or no knowledge of basic photo editing techniques. All the brushes and tools have been grouped in one single panel, leaving to the image viewer all of the remaining main window – this allows PhotoInstrument to provide the user with a one-window interface, which is certainly one of the main beauties of this tool.

But there is more to it than just usability. The program offers a number of functions and features also worth highlighting. These can be classified into two main categories – photo editing and retouching, and makeup tools. While some of these enhancing tools could be placed in either category, others have been clearly designed to get rid of skin blemishes and other imperfections – i.e., Skin Cleaner, Healing Brush, or Glamour Skin. Thus, if portraits are what you mainly have to deal with, PhotoInstrument is certainly an app to consider.

You can also use this program to perform other “less artistic” tasks, such as batch-resize your entire photo collection, add a text or watermark to your pictures, convert them between formats, or overlay two images into one. The program supports some Photoshop-compatible plug-ins and can work directly on PSD files (Photoshop proprietary format). All in all, PhotoInstrument is a serious alternative to a number of other editing tools that show a very slow and erratic learning curve while offering you more extensive pro-like functionality.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear and intuitive interface.
  • Greatly simplifies traditionally complicated retouching tasks.
  • Supports the most popular image file formats.
  • Works directly on PSD (Photoshop) files.
  • Batch-resizing capabilities


  • Limited file format support
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